Education Seminar at Allahabad

Name of Event : Education Seminar
Total No of Participants : 27
Venue : Allahabad (U.P)
Date of Event : 12/7/2013
The total expenditure of this programme was Rs 18000 which was managed by Vivid Foundation.
Vishal Mehta Allahabad
Suraj Singh Allahabad
Khushal Mehta Allahabad
Anjali Allahabad
Rahul Ved Allahabad
Chirag Sharma Allahabad
Sujal Allahabad
Tanya Chaudhary Allahabad
Aryan Chaudhary Allahabad
Neha Kumari Allahabad
Sonu Kumar Allahabad
Mayank Mittal Allahabad
Veena Allahabad
Priyanshu Allahabad
Muskan Allahabad
karan Allahabad
Sakshi Allahabad
Hemant Allahabad
Ankit Allahabad
Sumit Allahabad
Prashant Allahabad
Bhoomi Allahabad
Mayank Allahabad
Vikas Allahabad
Prakash Allahabad
Vivek Allahabad
Deepak Allahabad

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