Uttaranchal Flood Relief Camp

Name of Event : Uttaranchal Flood Relief Camp Total No of Participants : 25 Venue : Sec-24, Rohini Date of Event : 24/7/2013
The total expenditure of this programme was Rs 25000 which was managed by Vivid Foundation.
Rahul Ved Sec-24,Rohini,Delhi
Suraj Singh Sec-20,Rohini,Delhi
Manoj Verma Sec-18,Rohini,Delhi
Akash Gupta Sec-22,Rohini,Delhi
Rahul Diyal Sec-24,Rohini,Delhi
Praagh Sec-15,Rohini,Delhi
Sujal Sec-16,Rohini,Delhi
Vishal Mehta Sec-24,Rohini,Delhi
Aryan Chaudhary Sec-21,Rohini,Delhi
Neha Kumari Sec-22,Rohini,Delhi
Sonu Kumar Sec-20,Rohini,Delhi
Pooja Sec-24,Rohini,Delhi
Vinod Sec-23,Rohini,Delhi
Priyanshu Sec-22,Rohini,Delhi
Muskan Sec-20,Rohini,Delhi
Kamaal Khan Sec-21,Rohini,Delhi
Sakshi Tanwar Sec-18,Rohini,Delhi
Hemant Sec-20,Rohini,Delhi
Ankita Sec-18,Rohini,Delhi
Sumit Sec-22,Rohini,Delhi
Prashant Sec-24,Rohini,Delhi
Bhoomi Sec-24,Rohini,Delhi
Mayank Sec-22,Rohini,Delhi
Prahlad Sec-20,Rohini,Delhi
Prahlad Sec-24,Rohini,Delhi

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