Muslim Women at Tanda, UP Skilled with Paper Envelops


Name of Event : Master's Training to 5 Muslim Women to Make Paper Envelop at Tanda, Rampur, UP 
Total No of Participants : 5
Venue : Tanda Nagar Palika, Tanda, Rampur, UP
Date of Event : 30/01/2015
Master's Training arranged amongst Muslim Widows at Tanda Rampur, UP, to make them self-reliant and earn remuneration by making and selling Paper Envelops into local markets. Masters will train further others widows at Tanda so that they can earn money and self respects. Basically Vivid Foundation and Tanda Nagar Nigam collate to form a joint structure to promote living standards poor widows at Tanda.

What we are doing :-

We organised this event on rampur Tanda for only selected girls and women that by this training they can make paper thonga by self and also they could sell it out to earn money.
We organised competitions :-We were successfully done and all participant learnt and made it very much devotionally.

Startin Date:- 4/01/2015

Cost Estimation:- Rs 10,000/-

Vivid Foundation team members organised this event to give small contribution for girls and women empowerment. Chairman Mr Shahabuddin Sir give their valuable time for that and also arranged the necessary arrangements to succeed the training for paper handmade thonga.  


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Project Coordinators:-

 Ms. Sujata Mishra





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Total Cost- Rs 10,000/-

Papers, pencils, glue, paper cutter, scissor, scale   :- Rs . 1000/-

Food Cost :- Rs 4000/-

Travel  Cost:- Rs 2000/-


Total Cost Beared By Vivid Foundation:- Rs 10,000/-

Extra expances :- Rs 3,000/-

Vivid Foundation held this event for women and girls of rampur tanda that they can learn and earn by own self to make their family strong and to do as they want in life. In this event only 8 were selected for training in large group of 50 women and girls. So they all are quick learner and talented.

Expectation:-  we are already engage in such social work prominently but In Rampur tanda here talents nurtured which was shown when we did this event. 

- Vivid Foundation will select only 8 for training 
- We always perform this event time to time to motivate girls and women 
- To nurture talent Vivid Foundation may start different venture for different areas women.
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