Corn Flakes


Production capacity/annum :   300 Ton.

Production process

Hybrid yellow and white com can be used for producing of Cornflakes. The corn grains are first cleaned to remove dirt, dust and bran etc. Large size of grains which generally can be retained on a mesh screen are preferred. The polished grains are milled so as to remove the germ and bran. It is then fed into live steam and the flavoring material is added .The cooked material is sent to agitator and then discharged into a pan cooler to reduce the moisture. The dried material is kept in a tempering tank for few hours to permit the residual moisture content to the desired degree about 15% to 20%. The tempered material is then sent through a heavy duty flaking machine. The flakes are then immediately transferred to rotary or suitable ovens for roasting.The roasted flakes are inspected graded and transferred to packing bin to pack in water resistant packages.

Process flow chart

Cleaning /polishing     ► Milling     ►    Cooking
Inspection. Grading  —  Pressing & roasting — Drying 
and packing    — Drying

Machinery & equipment required

• Boiler
• Eureka Separator
• Carter Disc Separator
• Dicky Sifter
• Backing Machine
• Rotary Steam Cookers
• Mixer for cooled com and flavour material
• Agitator or Lump breakers
• Cooler, Sweep drier
• Rotary oven
• Flaking machine (with water cooled roolers)
• Screening and cooling equipment
• Automatic weighing machine
• Polythene scaling machine
• Curing machine
• Elevators or Conveyors to inter-connect different machine
• Inspection conveyors

Raw material/consumables required

• Maize
• Sugar
• Salt
• Vitamin

Utilities required

Power required (load)   :   50 KW

Water required (per shift basis)  :   1000 Litres

Manpower required

Manager      :  1 No.
Supervisor     :  1 No.
Skilled    :  2    Nos.
Unskilled   :  4 Nos.

Area required

Total Area   :  1500 Sq.Mtr.

Covered Area  :  1200 Sq.Mtr.

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months   :  Rs 52.90 Lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)


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