Cattle & Poultry Feed



Production capacity/annum :  2400 Tons.

Production process

Cattle Feed is available either in powder form or pellet form whereas poultry feed only in coarse form. The main ingredients of cattle feed are oil cake, wheat or rice bran, maize, cotton seed, surgar lone molasses, mineral mix, vitamin mix etc. While those of poultry feed are maize, rice polish, wheat, oil cakes ,fish meal etc.

Process flow chart

Grinding     Molasses Mixing       Pelletting

Packing                 Drying

Machinery & equipment required

• Screw type feed conveyor.
• Hammer Mill.
• Weighing machine.
• MS Storage Hopper.
• MS Blender.
• Bucket elevator.
• Pelletizing Machine
• Filling machine.
• Bag Stitching machine.
• Molasses Dosing Tank, with storage & pumping arrangement

Raw material/consumables required

•    Mustered De oil cake
•    Groundnut cake  Maize.
•    Wheat bran. Salt
•    Gram husk  Molasses.
•    Maize grains

Utilities required

Power required(load)  :  40K.W.

Water required (per shift basis)   :  500 K.L.

Manpower required

•    Skilled Workers    :    1 No.
•    Unskilled Workers : 5 Nos.

Area required

Total Area     :  1000Sq.Mtr

Covered Area   :  800 Sq. Mtr.

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months   :  Rs 69.0 lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)

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