Desiccated Coconut Powder



Production capacity/annum :   24,000 Kg.

Production process

De-husked fresh matured coconut are pared using scrapers to remove testa. Pared kernel bails cut open to drain off the water and then washed throughly in fresh water to remove the invert sugars from the inner surface of the kernel. The kernel is then ground into fine mass using hammer and pin mills. Ground mass is blanched with steam for about 20 minutes to bring down the microbiological counts. The blanched mass is then dried in a hot air drier at a temperature of 80-90°C for about 10 hours so as to bring down the moisture content below 3%. The dried mass is tested for moisture, free fatty acid and microbiological counts. The dried mass is then packed in polythene pouches.

Process flow chart

Dehusking  ►     Breaking        ►    Splitting

Hot Drving <     Disintegrating   <    Hot Dip


Machinery & equipment required

• De-husking, De-shelling and pairing machine
• Washing tank with spray arrangement
• Hot dip blanching tank
• Hammer Mill/Pin Mill
• Disintegrator provided with screens and aluminium trays
• Hot air tray drier with blower
• Sieving machine
• Stroage bins
• Heat sealing machine

Raw materials/ consumables required

• Green Coconut

Utilities required

Power requirement   :   10KW

Water requirement   :   200 liter per hour

Manpower required

Skilled Workers      :   2 Nos.

Unskilled Workers   :  2 Nos.

Area required

Total Covered Area   :   lOOSq.Mtr.

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months    :   Rs 14.9 lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)



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