Ice Cream Cone



Production capacity/annum :   18,00,000  pieces

Production process

Measured quantity of wheat Hour, arrowroot, soda, edible colour & sugar, custom flavour are mixed with a mixer for about 30 minutes.The thick meterial is then taken from the service platter with the help of uniform cups. The moulds of the cone machine are heated electricaly and locked. The mixed material is then poured uniformally on the machine. The upper mould then locked in the machine for about 10-15 minutes to make a good form of the cone. Then the machine is de-locked to discharge the cones in the collecting vessel.

Process flow chart

Mixing     ►      Cup-filling        ►    Mould-heating

Cone      <    Locking/Delocking  <    Filling

Machinery & equipment required

• Raw material mixing tank
• Dough collector tank with stand.
• Cone making machine
Raw materials/ consumables required

• Wheat flour
• Arrowroot powder
• Soda
• Edible colour & Sugar
• Custom flavour

Utilities required

Power required   :  5.0KW

Water required (per shift basis)   :  400 Litres

Manpower required

Skilled Workers     :  1 No.

Unskilled Workers  :  1 No.

Area required

Total Area       :   lOOSq.Mtr.

Covered Area   :  50 Sq. Mtr.
Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months  :  Rs 5.85 lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)

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