Aluminium Venetian Blinds



Production capacity/annum 180,000 sq mtr

Production process

Aluminium Venetian blinds are used in windows and similar wall openings as an adjustable curtain to close or open the window. The production process involve cutting of aluminium strips, holes punching, comer cutting to form leaf. Subsequently, nylon threades are cut and leaves are assembled to make blinds.

Process flow chart

Cutting &  SizingPunching Holes ► Corner Cutting

Assembling  <  Cutting Nylon Rope <  Leaf Forming


Machinery & equipment required

•    Strip Cutting Machine (Power Operated)

•    Hole Punching Machine

•    Cold Forming / Rolling Machine (Hand operated)

•    Double ended bench Grinder

•    Universal Shearing Machine (Hand operated)

•    Dies and Punches and Hand Tools

•    Material handling Equipments like trolleys, Hand  Trucks, Pallets etc.

•    Measuring/Inspection Instruments


Raw material/consumables required

High-density polythene

Low-density polythene


•  Lacquers

Printing inks

Utillity Required

Power required (load)                         12  KW

Water required (per shift basis)         Normal Supply

Manpower required

Supervisor                                          1 No

Skilled                                               2 Nos

Unskilled                                            3 Nos

Area required

Total Area                                        350 Sq Mtr

Covered Area 150 Sq Mtr                    250 Sq Mtr

Investment Required

Machinery & Equipment               :

Working Capital for 3 Months  :    Rs 27.7 lakhs


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