Bolts & Nuts


Production capacity/annum

Bolts(different sizes)- 195 Million

Nuts( different sizes)—195 Million

Production process


Wire coil is loaded automatically into the cold process bolt forming machines. The wire is cut to size and forging operations lire carried in three or four stations. Trimming operation is also carried out on the same machine. Threading is done separately in thread rolling machine. Zinc plating or other type of plating is done as per the requirements.


Similarly,nuts are manufactured in the nut former and threading is done in the tapping machine.

Process flow chart

Stamping & Heading  ► Cutting ► Trimming

Packing  <  Zinc Plating <  Threading

Machinery & equipment required

•   Straightening machine

•    Automatic heading machine

•    Power press

•    Die head threading machine

•    Plating tanks

•    Pillar drilling machine

•    Pickling tanks

•    Weighing machine

•    Hardness tester and gauges and instruments

•    Tapping machine

•    Dies and tools


Optional Equipments/Accessories required

M.S Rounds

Utilities required

Power required (load)               :         40 K.W

Water required (per shift basis) :         500 litres

Manpower required

Manager             :     1 No    
Supervisor          :     1 No     
Skilled               :     10  Nos       
Unskilled            :     4  Nos

Area required

Total Area         :      300 Sq Mtr
Covered Area    :      250 Sq Mtr

Investment Required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months  : Rs 175.0 Lakhs
(Raw material, utilities & salary)


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