Die Casting Unit



Production capacity/annum 105 MT

Production process

Aluminium alloy ingots and scraps arc melted in oil fired furnacc. Molten Aluminium alloy of requisite quantity poured manually by a laddie on the pouring sleeve of the machine. Rest of the operations arc automatic which starts with pressing of the foot switch or cycle start push button switch. Hot molten material fills the die cavity by hydro mechanical pressure of the machine.

Process flow chart

Melting  ► CastingSand Blasing

Packing  <   Inspection

Machinery & equipment required

•    Die casting machine
•    Furnace
•    Buffing machine
•    Optional equipments/accessories required, if any

Raw material/consumables required

•    Aluminium ingots and scraps
•    Flux
•    Mould

Utilities required

Power required (load)                :     30 KW

Water required (per shift basis)  :    1000 litres

Manpower required

Supervisor          :   1 No

Skilled               :  3 Nos

Unskilled            : 2 Nos

Area required

Total Area           : 400 Sq Mtr

Covered Area      : 450 Sq Mtr  

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months     : Rs 55.60 lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)

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