Blow Moulding



Production capacity/annum :  150 Thousand kg.

Production process

Plastic material in the form of granules are subjected to heat and pressure in an extruder and the semi-molten plastic is extruded through the nozzle in the form of hollow tube known as parison. Adjustments have been provided in the machine to vary wall thickness of the parison. Suitable parison is then inserted in a female mould and air blow into parison to force it against the sides of the mould. The material is then cooled before removal from the mould. The article is then trimmed to remove flashes.

Process flow chart

Raw Material   ►  Extruding  ►  Cooling

Packing   <   Inspection   <  Trimming


Machinery & equipment required

• Automatic extrusion blow moulding machine
• Semi automatic blow moulding machine
• Pedestal grinder
• Bench drilling machine
• Air Compressor
• Water pumps

Raw material/consumables required

• Poly Propylene

Utilities required

Power required (load)   :  24 K.W.
Water required (per shift basis)    :  30 Litres

Compressed Air ( per shift basis)  :  120 at 8 Kg./

Manpower required

• Engineer              :   1 No 
• Skilled Workers      :   2 Nos
• Unskilled Workers   :   4 Nos

Area required

Total Area       :  250 Sq. Mtr

Covered Area   :  200 Sq. Mtr

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months  :  Rs 71.04 lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)

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