Plastic Flash Light Torches



Production capacity/annum :   300 Thousand pieces

Production process

The plastic flash light torch cases are manufactured from thermoplastic materials such as high-density polyethylene, polypropylene etc. Feeding the raw material into the hopper of Plastic Injection Molding machine, the molten metal is injected through the dies. The moulds are cooled, opened and pieces are ejected and finished

Process flow chart

Colour mixing    ► Pre heating   ►    Injection molding

Packing     <   Assembling

Machinery & equipment required

• Fully automatic Injection Molding with hydraulic die closing
• Set of molds
• Electro plating plant
• Metal fabricating unit (for bulb holder and springs)

Raw material/consumables required

• Polypropy lene/HDPE -80 kg PP/HDPE
• Brass Stripes
• Spring Steel Wires
• Miniature Bulbs

Utilities required

Power required (load)                   :   60    KW
Water required (per shift basis)     :   200   litres

Manpower required

Supervisor     :   1 Nos
Skilled           :   4 Nos
Unskilled        :    6 Nos

Area required

Total Area         :  500 Sq. Mtr

Covered Area   :  450 Sq. Mtr

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months    :  Rs 48.86 lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)

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