Elastic Tape



Production capacity/annum :   16,80,000 Metres

Production process

Different types of yam like viscose, nylon and cotton are placed on creel for working purpose as per design. Wrap is prepared on wrapping machine. Prepared wrap beam is shifted to needle loom ad individual threads are drawn as per design. When the machine starts weaving, the woven tapes will come out of the machine and finally wound on rolls. After finishing in the finishing machine rolls are packed in to polythene packs for supply to the customer.

Process flow chart

Raw material  ► Wrapping  ► Thread Forming
Inspection & packing <  Weaving

Machinery & equipment required

• High-speed needle loom 12-shaft front reed 12" with out back frame & beam model    2
• Wrapping machine type B 350 suitable for 350 mm with wrap speed 180 Metres/minute    1
• Creel for 250 ends
• Aluminium flanged beams bolted    50
• Finishing machine scries FS-2 main drum guide roller made up of
• Back frames    3
• Measuring and winding tapes (Rolls upto 30 mm dia)

Raw material/consumables required

• Crimped Nylon Yam 1/120
• Viscose 450 Dn yam
• 2/32 s Cotton Yarn
• Latex Thread
• Glue/Starch

Utilities required

Power required (load)                     25 KW
Water required (per shift basis)     500 litres

Manpower required

Supervisor       1 No.
Skilled            3 Nos
Unskilled       3 Nos

Area required

Total Area         200 Sq. Mtr

Covered Area    lOOSq.Mtr.

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months     :  Rs 21.5 lakh

(Raw material, utilities & salary)


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