Vivid Foundation - A New Meaning of Development

Vivid Foundation is putting efforts in nation building since  26th July 2010, by the team of professionals having expertise in various sectors and Industry. Very Interestingly from a farmer of Bihar to an IT expert from Tamilnadu, all come together to nurture the country with unique and innovative concept at Vivid Foundation. One can even say this integration of different industry to put efforts for the social cause known as Vivid Foundation.

Study says more than 70% population resided into rural parts of the India, and only 25% economical distribution is at par at this locations. Is it the worth while figure when we proudly say our nation will be the super economical power within few years? What would be the role of these 70% population? How and what these people will contributes in GDP? Are they competitive enough in the coming days? And other like wise concern are the reasons that form Vivid Foundation. Vivid Foundation also get the experience of Vivid Development Services Pvt Ltd that already works in the rural arena from the last five years.

Vivid Foundation mainly focuses into  promotion of Education, Culture, IT and Research & Development in to rural and semi – urban areas of country. Other than the mentioned services Vivid Foundation efforts are also to work like a bridge between the local community and rest of the world/ market to nurture the natural talents of the rural and semi-urban parts of nation.

Vivid Foundation focuses on rural development with four steps of TRIC to measure social development:-

T:– Think (Initiate to understand Development and concern Area)
R:- Research (Evaluation of the Development with various alternatives)
I:- Implementation (Choosing the right alternatives)
C:- Convert into Development (Accomplishment of desired development)


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