Significance Of Vivid Foundation

Vivid Foundation always put endeavors to the deprived communities and their development is a major challenge for the nation. Can anyone ignore existence of the 70% population of the nation? Can we say India is still rising with 1% growth rate of agriculture, compare to 9% GDP of the nation? Answer is but obvious No! Relevance of the Vivid Foundation come here as Vivid Foundation provide opportunities to these undeveloped areas of the country by the latest technologies.

Cheapest Computer Education, Personnel effectiveness programmes, cultural promotions, Entrepreneurial development, Women Education, and awareness on various issues like corruption and its impact on the society, health related issues are the common work that Vivid Foundation will do till the nation building.

Formulation of the organisation is based on these concern and Foundation oath for the same till the development measured. Organisation believe that common people can have the power to change the nation’s and this is why Vivid Foundation have a research department, where any implementation will be measured time to time within different communities. Various pilot projects and research help to measure the development in the right directions.