Skill Development Training Programme in India

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economy growth and social development of the country.In rapidly growing economies like India with a vast and ever-increasing population, the problem is two-fold.On one hand there is a lack of highly trained quality labour while on the other hand large sections of the population possess the little or no job skills.

Vivid Foundation conducts a large number of entrepreneurship and skill development programmes.The Skill Development Programmes are conducted by Vivid Foundation associated with Sulabh International,MSME and GRC with focus on entrepreneurship skills development with specific skills relating to traders like electronics,manufacturing and machinery which enables the trainees to start their own ventures.

Vivid Foundation organized a several entrepreneurship and skill development programmes.Some of the Programmes are:

IT & Women Entrepreneurship Skill Training

Industrial Development & Education Training at Bijnor

Entrepreneur Development Programme by Vivid Foundation and MSME

Hand Made Paper Bags Traing For Women in GRC

Hand Made Paper Bags Training For Women in Lal Bagh,Azadpur

Hand Made Paper Bags Training in Tanda

Industrial Motivation Campaign

Solar Power Plant Training