Social Development with the usage and Mix of IT & Culture

Social development and equilibrium is the key concern for any society and communities. Whenever any un-equilibrium status arises inside the society, may be its due to economical concern or staus quo, the whole community get troubled and results in decrement in the development phase.

Vivid Foundation came with unique solution where we try to imbibe the whole community through culture and IT. How IT and culture come together and play in social development? Why IT and Culture has been choosen for the development? Is it significant to work with the both phenomenon? How much it really impact on the society? All these questions and its resolution taken into consideration before implementation.

“Individual Experiences” when club together for a community in longer term then it becomes culture for that particular community.

It helps to identify what to do, how to do, and when to do for a particular time of references. All the ancient cultures give lesson to coup-up with a particular situations or scenarios. Its basically provide a sense to live a life with the basics of the human.