Skilled on LED Bulbs to General Housewives under project Saksham

Name of Event : Skiled on LED Bulbs to General Housewives, Delhi
Total No of Participants : 7
Venue : School Block, Shakarpur, Delhi
Date of Event : 07/05/2015

Vivid Foundation arrange Technical Training of making of LED Bulbs to a group of general housewives. Earlier these housewives only put efforts to manage their homes only. Most of the time were spent either managing requirement of home or it was spare. Foundation efforts came together to utilise time in a best possible manner by producing LED Bulbs to market it and earn money.

What we are doing :-
  1. Imparting Technical training to housewives
  2. Embed with latest technical products
  3. Production of LED bulbs by general housewives
  4. Marketing skills impart to women

Starting Date:- 07/05/2015

Cost Estimation:- Rs 75,000/-

Vivid Foundation team members organised this event to give small contribution for girls and women empowerment. .


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Project Coordinators:-

Ms. Vikas Mishra





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Total Cost- Rs 75,000/-

LEDs, Wires, Housing, Drivers :- Rs . 50000/-

Tools Cost :- Rs15000/-

Training Cost:- Rs 5000/-


Total Cost Beared By Vivid Foundation:- Rs 5,000/-

Total Cost Beared by BSS Energy  :- Rs 70,000/-

Vivid Foundation intention is to understand is there a way that a Non Technical person will become a Technical person? And with this question Vivid Foundation successfully implement a learning model with say Yes of the above question. Housewives can make LED Bulbs.

Expectation:-As women are quick learner and they can easily grab the knowledge, so we expect that in coming future they can increase production of LED Bulbs and market products very well.


- Vivid Foundation will select only 7 for training
- We always perform this event time to time to motivate girls and women
- To nurture talent Vivid Foundation may start different venture for different areas women.
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Yogita Shakarpur, Delhi
Rani Shakarpur, Delhi
Kamlesh Shakarpur, Delhi
Yashoda Shakarpur, Delhi
Rachna Shakarpur, Delhi
Geeta Shakarpur, Delhi

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