The total expenditure of this programme was Rs 15000 which was managed by Vivid Foundation.



Prize Money

Miscellaneous Expense

In this art & essay competition 124 children participated. Out of this 11 children selected which were appreciated by giving prizes .The topics of the competition was to draw lotus and Indian Flag for the junior category and to draw the picture of Bharat Mata for the senior category. 

By the organized this type of competition Vivid foundation spread the messege of Patriotism in the country on the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja. They appreciated the children for their skills and creativity.
Student’s NameAge
Rahul Rajak14 yrs
Suraj Kumar16 yrs
khushi10 yrs
Anjali10 yrs
Rahul Diyal12 yrs
Praagh13 yrs
Sujal11 yrs
Tanya Chaudhary8 yrs
Aryan Chaudhary5 yrs
Neha Kumari12 yrs
Sonu Kumar7 yrs
Pooja13 yrs
Veena11 yrs
Priyanshu10 yrs
Muskan10 yrs
karan9 yrs
Sakshi18 yrs
Hemant10 yrs
Ankit8 yrs
Sumit10 yrs
Prashant7 yrs
Bhoomi10 yrs
Mayank7 yrs
Prahlad10 yrs
Prahlad10 yrs
Vicky9 yrs
Omveer11 yrs
Student’s NameAge
Deepanshu9 yrs
Navan7 yrs
Shreya9 yrs
Jyoti9 yrs
Vitika10 yrs
Nipun10 yrs
Sachin Bisht11 yrs
Anjali10 yrs
Tanya8 yrs
Tirumunda14 yrs
Vani Sharma9 yrs
Asmanjas11 yrs
Pappu Kumar13 yrs
Vilan15 yrs
Shubham Pandey10 yrs
Avni Verma8 yrs
Asmi Verma11 yrs
khagendra15 yrs
Chandan Kumar14 yrs
Sandeep Kumar16 yrs
Rahul kumar15 yrs
Gungun9 yrs
Sarthak Goswami7 yrs
Ditisha Kalra7 yrs
Riddhima Pandey9 yrs
Tejas Mishra3 yrs
Shubhangi Jha10 yrs
Shivanshi Jha4 yrs
Vipul15 yrs
Mahesh Kumar14 yrs
Piyush Singhal6 yrs
Aakash Tiwari14 yrs
Ankit15 yrs
Shreya Upadhyay8 yrs
Garima Upadhyay7 yrs
kajal Sharma17 yrs
Ankita Giri18 yrs
Shweta Pal18 yrs
Shipra Pal18 yrs
Charvi Mishra3 yrs