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Welcome to Vivid Foundation

Welcome to Vivid Foundsation's nation building concept. We invite each and every community to share their views, thoughts and Idea to promote country's Educational system and one of the strongest base i.e. culture and tradition. Apart of education and culture, almost all the services that help to enrich country, will be entertained at Vivid Foundation. We understand the importance of involvement of the community, so we always consider local community in all phases of TRIC including thought process, implementation, and control mechanism. Without Local participation one can not attain any further development especially in rural areas of India.

Vivid Foundation is having a rich - experiences to develop rural community with various plan of Education, implication of Culture and traditions. Vivid Foundation, by the means of ICT try to enrich social communities especially resided in rural and semi urban areas of the country. Talents are there, resources are there, ambitious people are there, only people in rural and semi urban areas required a platform, where they can put efforts and fulfill their ambitions. Vivid Foundation recognizes the hurdles and problems lying in the rural part of the country, so invite all citizens to participate here and make a platform for them.

Nation Building is the oath taken by all the members of Vivid Foundation till development. We at Vivid Foundation, assure you for best efforts to be taken for the development of the country. At the initial stage we started with the following projects:-

  • Rural Mass and Technical Educational Development
  • Rural Development Vs Personnel Effectiveness
  • Social Development with the usage and Mix of IT and Culture
  • Common Man Participation to lower down Corruption


A healthy society can not be think of with its healthy culture and traditions. Even one can say, existence of society cannt be measure without its cultural philosophy. This is one of the reason why Vivid Foundation is counted as India's best NGO/ Society who address development concern.

Vivid Foundation initiated on this spectrum and bring 1st cultural community portal for the users to understand and share traditions with each other

Join and promote culture

Contact us

Add: 283/53/2, Ground Floor, Mukundpur Delhi
110042, Ph: 011-65446600, 9811442146