Nurturing Skills at Foundation

Unemployment is a major concern in our country. A research shows that after independence , there has been a significant growth of unemployed youth in country at every level. If the situation of unemployment will remain same in, then naturally this country will face a lot of issues like high rate of crime, low level of economical movements, Increment in lower strata in society, and other similar issues. Govt of India identify this concern and with NSDC, NSIC, MSME and few best NGO working in skill development, address it very effectively.


Vivid Foundation is also one of the NGO who understand the importance of skill development impartation among individual and mass. Foundation arranged various training programme with its associates like Janya Udyog Kendra LLP, Vivid Techno, BSS Energy, CNRE, Perfect Marketing Co, and others to meetout this objective of generation of employment through entreprenuer development.