Production capacity/annum    : 700 M.T.

Production process

Steel wire rods in the coil form, suitable for drawing are subjected to de-scaling for removing of rust, scales etc by means of a de¬scaling machine. The coils are immersed in a bath of dilute sulphuric acid to clean up the surface. One tank for acid bath of size 3 x 1.5 x 1.5 metre will have pickling capacity of about 10 Tones in one shift. The temperature of the solution is brought upto 60 to 70(>C by means of steam passing into the bath. About 20 to 30 minutes continuous pickling of the rods eliminates all rust and scales. The rods taken out from the acid bath, are then dipped into the water lank to rinse off the acid. The size of water tanks can be 2 metres length, 1.5 metres wide and 1.5 metres deep.

Process flow chart

Raw Material   ► De-scaling  ► Cleaning

Drying  <  Neutralisation < Pickling

Wire Drawing   ► Inspection & Despatching

Machinery & equipment required

•    Four Block Wire Drawing Unit Wire Pointing Machine
•    Pickling Tank / Neutralising Tank / Washing Tank De-scaling machine
•    Hosting Equipments
•    Butt Welding Machine
•    Die Polishing machine
•    Flexible shaft Grinder
•    Platform type weighing machine
•    Wire Drawing Dies, Hand Tools, Measuring instruments

Raw material/consumables required

•     M.S. Rods 6/8 mm dia metre
•    Sulphuric Acid
•    Drawing dies
•    Lubricants
•    Other tools and fixtures

Utilities required

Power required (load)     : 600 KW

Water required (per shift basis) : 1000 litres

Manpower required

Supervisor  : 1 No

Skilled        : 2 Nos

Unskilled     : 4 Nos

Area required

Total Area       : 300 Sq Mtr

Covered Area : 150 Sq Mtr

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months  : Rs 27.7 lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)