Production capacity/annum :  3,30,750 Nos.

Production process

The raw material i.e. Cement. Sand and Stonechips are taken in predetermined proportion and mixed in concrete mixture which is fed intothe mould and vibrated for complete compactness. Now left for drying for initial setting and then curing by water.lt should be dried before use to avert drying shrinkage.

Process Flow chart

Mixing of Material ► Feeding in Molds  ► Vibrating

Drying Water   <  Water Curing  <   Initial   Drying


Machinery & equipment required

•    Concrete Block making machine    1
•    Concrete Mixer    1
•    Tipping Barrow    I
•    Ram & Moulds
•    Curing Beds

Raw material/consumables required per month basis

•    Cement           42 MT
•    Sand             3780Cft
•    Stonechips     7560Cft.

Utilities required

Power required (load)                  10 KW
Water required (per shift basis)    75 KL

Manpower required

Supervisor & Foreman    1 No
Skilled        3 Nos.
Unskilled    6 Nos

Area required

Total Area           2500 Sq. Mtr

Covered Area      1000 Sq. Mtr

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment   :   Rs 24.40 lakhs

Working Capital for 3 Months

(Raw material, utilities & salary)