Farming & Agriculture

Farming with latest technology is upmost required in country.  Upgradation in farming skill is desirous and expectable in society. 

At Vivid Foundation,  we initiated Farming Skill Development Center at Prayagraj, UP. This center helps Farmer to learn baiscs of latest farming like:

    1. Blueprint for Farming
    2. Testing of Soil fertility
    3. Preparation for Farming
    4. Connect to nearest Agri Lab
    5. Connect to Scientist
    6. Selection of Seeds / Crops as per season
    7. Connect to market
    8. Calculation of Cost Vs Profit Analysis

Objective of these exercise is to facilitate farmers with a mindset to 

    • Earn profitability to farmers
    • Promote organic Farming
    • Yields quality food

Vivid Foundation known as a best NGO on Agriculture & Farming in India


Skill Development & Livelihood

Skill Development & Livelihood
Vivid Foundation is one of the best NGO available in Delhi NCR (INDIA) that actually nurture skills to deprived one. Completed a decade in 2020 FY, Vivid Foundation still put efforts to fulfill small but worthy dreams to needy one. Either its a Manju (age 55 years) or Sapna (age 18 years), Vivid Foundation is there to support everyone needs.
“Skilling is worthwhile if its has an Object”

Working with above philosophy, Vivid Foundation’s endeavor is to nurture every individual with a custom traits.  But obvious it is not an easy task to identify traits of a particular person and then design skill tablets for him/her.