Production capacity/annum :   84 thousand Kg.

Production process

The stem of strawberry and cherry and the seed of cherry are taken out manually and washed-Then the fruits are put to the fruit mill/crusher The output of the crusher arc then put to the pulper for making fine syrup of the fruits. Then the syrup is put in the steam jacketted kettle for cooking. In the mean time appropriate quantity of sugar is added for sweetening.When the water evapores at the ratio 1:5 the solution is taken into glass bottle for making jelly and pack it within the temperature of70″C. In case of making jam, pectin is added and cooled for another 10 minutes. Then the solution is transferred to the packing machine for packing into the glass bottles.

Process Flow chart

Cleaning         ►   De-seedling  ►  Crushing

Mixing of Pectin  •«   Cooking      <     Pulping

Packing     ►   Despatch

Machinery & equipment required

•    Water jet washer
•    Fruit Mill/Crusher
•    Pulper
•    Steam Jacketted Kettle
•    Packing Machine
•    Stainless Steel table for utilities

Raw materials/ consumables required

• Fruits
• Packing Materials
• Glass bottles
• Rubber leads

Utilities required

Power required     :   25.0 K.W.

Water required     :  1000 Litres

Manpower required

Skilled         :   1 Nos.

Unskilled    :   2 Nos.
Area required

Total Area         :    l00Sq.Mtr.

Covered Area : 50 Sq. Mtr.

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months    : Rs  21.50  lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)


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