Production capacity/annum :  30,000 Dozen Pairs.

Production process

Nylon yam and rubber thread on bobbins are kept on the stand provided in the machine and threaded to the knitting zone through thread guide and knitting of socks is started by running the machine at a specified speed. Care should be taken to avoid any hole formation in the socks. The socks so made are checked and trimmed and loose threads, if any are cut. The toe portion of the socks are closed either by overlock machine or linking machine and after this, socks are washed by charging into washing machine to remove dirt. Then these socks are loaded into hydroexractor to remove excess of water and dried in tumbler dryer. Socks after removal from the dryer tumbler are reversed, steam pressed and low socks of equal size paired, pinned, labeled and packed.

Process flow chart

Raw material  ► Knitting  ►  Trimming  ► Toe closing (Overlooking)

Inspection & packing   «     Ironing   <   Washing

Machinery & equipment required

• Automatic power socks knitting machine for the  
production of 3 coloured socks        2
• Automatic power socks knitting machine for the    
production of plain socks    2 
• Automatic power socks knitting machine for the  
production of terry socks      2
• Linking machine             1

• Washing machine 12 Kg capacity   :  1 Set
• Hydroextractor 15 Kg capacity      :  1  Set
• Dryer tumbler 25 Kg capacity       :  1 Set   
• Portable steam press     :  1 Set 
• Wash room trolleys      :  1 Set

Raw material/consumables required

• Crimped Nylon yarn
• Rubber yam for elastic top
• Cotton yarn and other items
• Washing detergent

Utilities required

Power required (load)       :   25 KW 
Water required (per shift basis)   :  2 KL/day

Manpower required

Supervisor   :  1 No.

Skilled         :  12 Nos.

Unskilled    :  5 Nos.

Area required

Total Area         :  400 Sq. Mtr

Covered Area   :  350 Sq. Mtr.

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital for 3 Months   :  Rs 110 lakhs

(Raw material, utilities & salary)