T-shirt Knitted


Production capacity/annum :   900000 /annum

Production process

Knitted fabric is manufactured with cotton yam on circular knitted machine. The knitted fabric is inspected for any manufacturing defect, and then brought to the stitching section. Knitted fabric is cut into the required sizes. Then cut pieces sewed to make the T-Shirt. Finished and packed.

Process flow chart

Knitting   ► Inspection   ►   Fabrication/ Cutting

Packing   <   Inspection  <   Stitching & Accessories Attached

Machinery & equipment required

• Two Track Circular Knitting Machine
• Over Locking Stitching Machine
• Button Holding Machine
• Sewing Machine
• Inspection Equipment with winding

Raw material/consumables required

• Cotton Yam
• Button, Zip/Chain
• Embroidery (Job work)
• Sewing Thread
• Packing Material

Utilities required

Power       :  7.5    KVA
Water       :  Normal Supply

Manpower required

Supervisor                 :    2    Nos
Skilled worker            :    6 Nos
Unskilled worker       :    10 Nos

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment         :  Rs 156.10 lakhs

Working Capital for 3 Months

(Raw material, utilities & salary)