Production capacity/annum

Plain socks 90,000 Dozen Pairs.

Terry socks 60,000 Dozen Pairs.

Production process

Colour yams are loaded on the bobbin stands in the creel assembly of the machine and fed into the knitting elements of the machine. Socks are knitted in continuous process and several operations are performed before a sock is completed. Knitting is done in stages beginning with elastic portion for which elastic yam is used. The leg portion is knitted followed by heel and foot portions ending up with the toe portion of the socks. The toe portion of socks is closed by stitching on over lock machine. Socks thus produced will have acquired dirt, which have to be removed by washing in socks washing machine containing mild detergent. After washing, socks are dried in dryer tumbler. Final products are inspected and ironed to remove wrinkles and also to provide proper shape. Then they are taken for packing.

Process flow chart

Raw Material   ►  Knitting  ►  Washing  ►  Drying

Packing <  Ironing <  Inspection

Machinery & equipment required

• Automatic power socks knitting machine for the production

of 3 colour jacquard socks    2
• Automatic power socks knitting machine for the production

of terry socks                         2
• Power driven overlock machine         2
• Rotor cabinet socks setting machine with built in
boiler and 36 frames    1
• Garment washing machine 50 Kg.
• Hydroextractor 25 Kg    .
• Dryer Tumbler 25 Kg.                      1    set
• Wash room trolleys
• Steam press (Central boiler type)

Raw material/consumables required

• Cotton yarn/Acrylic yarn
• Nylon yarn
• Elastic yam
• Detergent for washing

Utilities required

Power required (load)                      50 KW 
Water required (per shift basis)    1000 litres

Manpower required

Supervisor          2 Nos.
Skilled                15 Nos
Unskilled            10 Nos

Area required

Total Area             700 Sq. Mtr.

Covered Area       600 Sq. Mtr.

Investment required

Machinery & Equipment             :    Rs 135.2 lakhs

Working Capital for 3 Months

(Raw material, utilities & salary)