Knitting classes in Delhi

Knitting classes in Delhi

Vivid Institute of Professional studies VIPS it’s a small unit of Vivid Foundation to ensure masses to get an opportunity to skilled up with desired field.

Professional Knitting classes in Delhi by VIPS is specially design to masses to enable them to make their own creative thoughts and by use of them shape their dream in field of knitting.

Knitting its a very essential and have best scope if you are looking for opportunities in basic needs.

Lots of tricks and tips for masses by which they can apply and enhance Knitting skills also we ensure them that to make in-depth study with professionalism in their study to enhance earning capacity.

Fees structure – 20000/ INR per month

Duration – 3 months

Installation charges – 7000/INR per month

Frame Designed as – Fully job oriented courses

Study – In depth

Scope – to engage in field related to knitting

Creativity – to enhance thinking capacity and make it on the project 


 To enroll your name call us @ 01165446600


Vivid institute of Professional Studies started by a well known NGO Vivid Foundation that anyone can stand on his own leg.

knitting classes in delhi 

Professional Knitting classes in Delhi by VIPS ensure your future in your own hand…