Information and communications technology (ICT) is a powerful productivity tool for villagers. Government. technology industry and society should work together to deploy ICT to accelerate economic and social development in rural areas.

Vivid Foundation initiated with Internet enabled Kiosk set up through out the Rural Network of India. This helps to connect different rural location with each other as well as provide opportunity to villagers to know how the technical expertise of urban people.


Internet Enabled Kiosk Setup of Vivid Foundation-

Vivid Foundation ICT Centre at Saharanpur Village

Vivid Foundation Centre at Hapur Village

These Vivid Foundation’s ICT centres help all communities in the areas to connect with the rest of the world. Internet enabled kiosk also supports local communities to find out different solution with technologies.

Vivid Foundation’s ICT Kiosk – It’s More Than an Information Centre-

Vivid Foundation involves local communities to make win – win situation for local communities, industries as well as organisation. Its provide also opportunities for the industries and local communities to have a tie up with each other and share resources, thoughts, market and Vivid Foundation’s Kiosk model make a platform for them.

You can also be part of Vivid Foundation, as an ICT Kiosk owner.

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