Name of Event : Navratri Puja Utsav & Drawing Competition Total No of Participants : 68 Venue : Nanded , Maharashtra Date of Event : 18/4/2012
The total expenditure of this programme was Rs 33000 which was managed by Vivid Foundation.
Swaps BoiteNanded Maharashtra
Akhila MenonNanded Maharashtra
Avadhut YadavNanded Maharastra
Sweta DubeyNanded Maharastra
Anuja PataskarNanded Maharastra
Ajit PoojariNanded Maharastra
Sneha AgrekarNanded Maharastra
Swarna PrasadNanded Maharastra
Radhika KamatNanded Maharastra
Nitiraj GerellaNanded Maharastra
Saurabh ChandakNanded Maharastra
Sneha SabarwalNanded Maharastra
Rashika JoshiNanded Maharastra
Tirth UpadhyayaNanded Maharastra
Piyush DeuskarNanded Maharastra
Kapildev R SharmaNanded Maharastra
Tejas GodkariNanded Maharastra
Dhaval PatilNanded Maharastra
Piyus MandhaneNanded Maharastra
Sishir GerellaNanded Maharastra
Trupti ChavanNanded Maharastra
Mina VyasNanded Maharastra
Ratnakar KamteNanded Maharastra
Priyanka DesmukhNanded Maharastra
Sandesh DeshpandeyNanded Maharastra
Minakshi RamnathanNanded Maharastra
Saurabh WandileNanded Maharastra
Alok KariaNanded Maharastra
Ramesh MishraNanded Maharastra
Amrita BhattaNanded Maharastra
Hari RamchandranNanded Maharastra
Jigar TimbadiaNanded Maharastra
Himanshu AvthaleNanded Maharastra