Diverse culture, language, can gives a clear picture about Rural areas of India. These two things create challeneges for the country to unite the whole India and other than issues like infrastructure to reach and connect villages to the rest of country (main market), purchasing power of the villagers, low per capita income,  are hurdles. Education can play a major role to develop the community in true sense and this is the only thread bywhich we can unite and depicts ourselves. By the way ICT is the tool through we can reduce the infrastructural issues.

Vivid Foundation is working on the above philosophy and put it’s efforts in the similar directions, while we as an organisation have a lot of challenges that we are continuously trying to resolve and put we are sure to accomplish following vivid’s mission with the help of organisation who carry similar thoughts:-

Volunteer technical classes to Rural Students, Hapur

Volunteer Classes to Rural Student at Zahidpur, Meerut

Be a volunteer member of Vivid Foundation and put energy in the right direction. Your effort will make other educated.

Call us at +91 9811442146 and +919811445833

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